Collaboration with Carlos Thomas (
Left: Veronica Ibarra / Right: Carlos Thomas

Duration: 2min 40 sec

This double screen film explores ideas of filming in its purest form. While shooting, there was no intention of making it into a collaborative work, we were just filming separately what interested each of us. It was only when viewing the footage that we witnessed coincidences and intriguing connections taking place.

The order or length of the shots has not been altered.

Veronica Ibarra

The film consists in the way in which two or more different individuals interpret the reality they are confronted with and how the environs that surrounds them have a significant physical & psychological impact in both subjective & objective ways. It juxtaposes the interesting fact of how physical and psychological circumstances will ultimately determine the scarce or variant ways in which such individuals act, choose, think, express & react and what is the outcome of such conditions.
This piece also deals with automatism, improvisation & cinéma vérité.

Carlos Thomas


Este film con doble imagen explora lo que significa rodar en su forma mas pura. Mientras rodábamos por primera vez con las cámaras Bolex, no teníamos intención de crear un film en colaboración, simplemente capturamos por separado lo que nos interesaba a cada uno. Fue a posteriori que nos dimos cuenta de que había fuertes coincidencias y conexiones. El orden y duración de los planos no han sido alterados en la edición y corresponden a una bobina cada uno.

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