Every year ice carvers from around the globe descend on the small Alaskan town of Fairbanks to compete in the World Ice Art Championships. As the horn blows to mark the start, the peaceful quiet of the ice park is replaced with a momentous noise of chain saws as the championships kicks off and the ice carvers take on the great Alaskan ice...

Set in the glacial backdrop of Alaska, Arctic Diamond follows four teams during their 3-day race to turn a monumental block of ice into a magnificent masterpiece in one of the coldest and toughest competition on the planet.

In this hostile and unpredictable environment where temperatures drop to -40°C, the teams battle it out, tested not only in physical endurance and stamina but also in talent and artistic ability: it is a full-throttle competition in the art of ice sculpting.

Arctic Diamond is an extreme adventure documentary that will amaze and entertain as we follow 75 year old Klaus and his co-carver Ron create 'Volcano', a sculpture that sends the judges into complete disagreement;

Team Hawaii, the first US Army Ice Carving team, as they battle as true soldiers to win not only the championship trophy but also to win over the Army itself;

Vladimir, the Russian master, and his quiet genius Vitaly as they defy the laws of ice physics;

and finally, Larry and Mimi, a psychologist and a music professor as they attempt to dive below the surface with their multi-layered sculpture.

Full documentary film available to download here: jumpstartdistributions.com/film/arctic-diamond/

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