"Evolution Revolution"
appears on the "Evolution" EP

Our world has changed tremendously over the last decade; it is a very different place now. Consider how connected we are in real time global communication, with social networking - Facebook, twitter, linked-in, YouTube, etc -- the world is becoming very small -- very quick. News is instantaneous now and as such the truth is able to make its way to light much faster than it has ever done before. Things are in high gear everywhere & there is so much positive change brewing. People around the globe are coming out of the woodwork by the tens of thousands, and what's more -- they are ready and willing to take a stand.

Come one come call, Evolution Revolution isn't black -- it isn't white, it's not blue or red; it's human. Our goal is to encourage unity, build trust in humanity, and inspire people everywhere to stand up for their rights.

Thank you to the ER Cast & Crew

Produced by: Clint Howell
Directed by: Nelson Flores & Jay Braden
Edited by: Danielle Jae "DJ"
Assistant Editor: Jay Braden
Storyboard Artist & Program Adviser: Jay Braden
Social Networking & Program Adviser: Joshua Peterson
Graphic Artist: Ryan McLaughlin
Written By: Tyler McLaughlin

Camera Crew:
Sony EX3: Nelson Flores
Sony FS-100: Clint Howell
Panasonic AG-AF100, Steady Cam rig: Nicolai Valdivieso-Sinyakov
Boom Mic Tech: Zach Christodoulides
Clapperboard: Jay Braden
Film & Direction for NY shots: Jay Braden
Bounce Board: Michael Schultze
Filmed on Location: Austin, TX -- Manhattan, NY -- Brooklyn, NY
Audio Recording: Jack Flynn & Stinson Studios
Audio Mixing & Mastering: Damian Rodriguez
Special Thanks to:
Jennifer, Collins & Jack McLaughlin
Lolli & Al Hamrick
The McLaughlin Family
Roger Ruiz & Family
Steve Munselle & Family
Rick & Linda Dielman
Maggie Daum
Perry Chapman
Clay Sykes
Greg DiGesu & Nancy Campbell
Rick Rodney
Noori & JJ Jalalzedeh
The Reed Family & Friends
The Barry Family
The Pellegrino Family
The Herman Family
The Grace Family
The Yazdani Family
Matthew Hopkins
Simonetta Andrea Rodriguez
The Young Family
Jon Boher
Henry Leman
Terri Sanders
Brian Johnson
Steve Huemann
Virginia Braden
Virginia Rogers
Pat D'Angelo & Austin City Hall
Jim Wigginton
Stephan Said

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