What would happen if I had to sing instead of speak, to everyone, everywhere?

I've made a one man opera, a freakish and subversive one that instigates a critical discourse between art in society and those who make it, and explores the public perception of what art could or should be. I challenge the public and myself and do something that has not been done before.

Singing is a basic human skill achievable by all, even if not a recognisable melody or a full throated tone. The act of switching from short sounds to long sounds corresponds to a shift from perfunctory linguistic communication to a heightened, emotional, animal mode which engenders a similar emotional response in those that hear it. Melodic communication preceded speech in humans, later, speech overtook the melodic as more exact signifiers were needed.Casual singing has been somewhat removed from our daily lives, due in part to the commodification of music to the extent that where in the past there was cause for singing (a death, a celebration) there’s now cause for the import of a recorded voice onto which we project our emotions.


DDFO was developed at BAC, Bristol Old Vic, Cambridge Junction, MAC arts Birmingham, Pilot, and was funded by Arts Council England

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