Project by Nicola Ciuffo, Nicola Leone, Graziana Saccente

The project want to describe the narration of a mental process. "Dutch Interior II" is the result of what Joan Mirò imagines looking at the work of the painter Jan Steen entitled "Dance lesson". During a trip to Holland in 1928, Mirò visits the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and he discovers this painting.

Struck by the works of the Dutch masters, Miró returned to Paris with the postcards of two paintings. We decided to focus our attention at that time between the first impact and the surrealist elaboration. The picture is all concentrated in the moments that exist between the composition of the spatial symmetry of form and bizarre harmonies of colors and spirals. Mirò sees through his third eye, a surrealists eye, who elaborates unconscious fantasy and produces introspective visions. The space becomes a state of mind where the synthesis process of imaginative visions gives two-dimensional results and a odd harmony.

We rebuilt the stage of the picture with a cardboard box and created the characters through a variety of materials such as papers, colors and fabrics. The purpose of this project was to create a video that explores built and give form to Mirò idea and materiality to the canvas.

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