Blue Iris
by James Rath

Mysterious high school student Victor gets confronted by curious fellow classmate Jackson about a strange aura from Victor's eyes. Victor who happens to have supernatural talents to see future capability between himself and whoever he wishes by staring into their eyes as a blue aura takes over his iris. Each vision he has about a girl is represented by an object living, or non-living. He's able to see and describe his visions in metaphorical images. Due to his past however he doesn't even make effort to talk to a girl resulting in him seeing their compatibility and if they're not a match he ignores them. Jackson puts his future sighting to the test when he challenges Victor to describe 3 visions of 3 very different girls. Victor has to make a crucial decision of going after what he truly wants in the end.

Directed/Written/Edited by
James Rath
Produced with
Hunter Kim
Cinematography by
James Rath
Hunter Kim

James Rath
Issac Barrick
Katie Smith
Kelly McGrail
Alexa Peregrina
Michelle Kim
Katie Arnold
Daniela Solis
Hunter Kim

Blue Eyeris Media (c) 2013
RiBSLive Multimedia (c) 2009-2013

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