I made this video as my final assignment for the #edcmooc

Paula Spagnoletti
Céline Keller

3D Set Up & Rigging:
Paula Spagnoletti

Céline Keller

Idea & Music:
Céline Keller

Sound bit credits:
Senitiel Laser Shot freesound.org/people/senitiel/sounds/131432/
Deganoth Explosion freesound.org/people/Deganoth/sounds/165911/
Sarge4267 Explosion freesound.org/people/sarge4267/sounds/102734/
Harpoyume Explosion freesound.org/people/harpoyume/sounds/86026/
UdoPohlmann Forest Ufo Synthesizer freesound.org/people/UdoPohlmann/sounds/134043/

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