This video was created in collaboration with Empower Media Marketing in Cincinnati, OH as a student-developed ad campaign for Wendy's brand.

Our task:
- Conduct market research on the Wendy's brand and figure out what the strengths and weaknesses exist from the standpoint of the college aged demographic.
- Develop a strong campaign to target this demographic, and create ads that would appeal to them specifically.

This ad is an example of a user generated video submission from a hypothetical customer of Wendy's. In one of our campaign ideas, we chose to incorporate user-gen materials because our research lead us to believe that interactivity, especially in this modern era of electronics (driven by this millennial demographic in particular), helps drive brand interaction and creates a stronger connection in the consumer-brand relationship.

This particular ad plays to our group's idea of "Wendy's Frenzy". From our research, we found that Wendy's had a strong point in their quality ingredients compared to other QSR/fast food establishments. Using their chicken as a launching pad, we chose to develop one of our campaign ideas around this "Wendy's Frenzy", where students/college aged customers go into a "frenzy" when they are in need of sustenance.

Since humorous ads have been shown to get better response from this particular group of people (college demographic), we chose to have some fun and direct the ad in this fashion for the user generated submission example. Enjoy.

Tyler Bell
Adam Moxon

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