It's not every day that you're briefed to promote mindfulness and meditation on 180inches of pixels on Europe's busiest street.

As part of a brand partnership with Selfridges to promote their No Noise campaign, I worked with Headspace to create an interactive openFrameworks & Kinect installation on Oxford Street to encourage passersby to take a moment to pause.

Starting with a noisy scene made out of a cloud particle system that shows silhouettes of passersby, the installation springs into life when someone takes a moment to pause in front of it. The clouds explode and disperse, before re-forming to show the tagline, "No matter how many clouds, the blue sky is always there" and to invite the user inside the store.

(Design by Anna Charity, strategy by the fantastic team at Headspace, hardware supplied and installed by Freehand. Footage courtesy of Oli @ Captive.)

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