A visual poem.

shot and pieced by Matthew Cox
words and voiced by Sasha Hough
sound and mix by Dave Williams
music by Jared Haschek
girl performed by Christina Lacy

It is in the night when the moon and trees conspire to lull me with their puppet show that my head comes alive with things I need to write. Lyrics that linger in the corner of the mind, not yet ready to connect, come out, to see the world.

In the darkness they feel safe that they can stay hidden.  If I turn on the lamp and pull out the parchment they will be gone. In the closet and under the rug.  Breathing softly and keeping company all the things we should have spoken, but dared not speak, for the sound of a perfect silence shattering is something that should be avoided.

Prophetic thoughts hang low like fog in a field as I journey the path of my dreams. A mist that is close enough to grasp but not solid enough to hold. My seemingly endless pursuit leads me no further than when I entered this slumber.  With arm outstretched I run to nowhere until my fingertips brush the hem of something beautiful.

Consciousness that clears in the blur of sleep and wake.  Real and unrecorded. 
Lost with the rise of the sun.

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