The journey gym Persistency Session is our highly unique version of a group exercise course for use in our journey gym Persistency Centers. We began work on this in the summer of 2012 as a team as we wanted to create exactly the ideal group exercise sessions in the centers.

It was clear that our journey gym clients wanted a lengthier, more perceived value-based experience per session at our center. We knew we didn't need to provide a 40 minute workout due to the effectiveness of the journey gym System and our maximum 20 minute G.R.I.T. workouts. So, we needed a new approach to group exercise.

In turn, the Persistency Session was born, a 40 minute session led by our journey gym Certified Trainers with the associated video playing on two screens for the entire duration of every session. It is a mixture of the five key elements we know to be key in adopting a successful fitness and nutrition adoption program, in a group environment, and to differentiate us. It works as follows:

1) TRACKING - it begins with "doing your homework first" as our clients track, either in a fitbook or on a phone, all they ate and did activity wise in the last 24 hours.
2) EDUCATION - next we either play a fit tip video or the trainer interactively discusses a topic associated with fitness, rest, nutrition or lifestyle with clients.
3) WARM UP - next we warm up and stretch with the clients to help continual ensure zero injuries and to get them prepared for the training section.
4) TRAINING - next we go into one minute strength and cardio intervals with 15 HIIT seconds at the end of each interval and clear 10 second transitions.
5) COOL DOWN - finally we move into a cool down section again to maintain zero injuries and also to build community as camaraderie really happens here.

So, stop into a journey gym Persistency Center today for a Persistency Session as we are approaching fitness with adoption and utilization as cornerstones.

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