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...excerpt from

The Sword Comes

"My sons and daughters of this little flock, you have done well in My eyes and have sought to please Me, and in you am I well pleased. Turn now from the churches for it is finished; the bride is prepared and shall soon be taken out from among them. Turn away from the churches of men and blow the trumpet to your kindred and countrymen, blow the trumpet against your nation and the rulers of this world, sound the alarm and warn the people, for My sword is drawn and My hand is removed.
Behold, that which restrains is removed; and He who withholds, lets. Therefore warn them from Me, for the sword shall soon come upon your nation, even upon the whole of this world, to the distress of all nations. For My anger is aroused already, and all foundations have been shaken... Yet only slightly until now.

Behold, I am come out of My sanctuary,
And the arm of The Lord shall be revealed!
The anger of The Lord shall be made fully known!...

And great and mighty nations shall be brought down!"

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