Synthetic Biology
Hiroki Ueda, RIKEN

Recent large-scale efforts in gene identification, genome-sequencing, expression profiling and functional screening have produced an embarrassment of riches for life science researchers-biological data can now be accessed in quantities that are orders of magnitude greater than were available even a few years ago. The growing need for integration of knowledge to a higher level understanding of life has set the stage for the advent of synthetic biology, in which biological processes and phenomena are approached in a reconstructive and synthetic way. Synthetic Biology is a natural extension of engineering toward biology and can be defined as "biology by engineering" or visa versa. This session will introduce the recent and emerging fields of synthetic biology and focus especially on its scientific aspects; “proof-by-synthesis” of life.

We will explore how our knowledge on the identified structure and observed dynamics can be applied to reconstruct and design novel biological parts, devices, and systems. Topics for discussion will include the genome synthesis as well as the ultimate biological challenge, the synthesis of a cell.

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