To My Love is a video valentine by Leslie Wilson. Created with trial versions of Adobe After Effects and WavePad Sound Editor, as well as eJay Techno 4. Pen and ink drawings, animation, and special effects are blended with vintage footage and old-fashioned valentines. The sound score includes a mix of digitally altered samples from Rogers and Hart's "My Funny Valentine" sung by Chet Baker, 1964, "Kiss Me Honey" by Ada Jones and Bill Murray, 1913, "Love Boat" by Earl Burnett and the Biltmore Hotel Orchestra, 1929 and "My Funny Valentine" sung by Ruth Gaylor with the Hal Mcintyre Orchestra, 1945 -- all found at

Vintage footage includes "Innocent Party", 1959 from A/VGeeks. Check them out at www. They have a wonderful film collection and need donations to keep it growing.

"Century 21 Calling", 1964, "Prom: It's a Pleasure!", 1961, and the amazing Rosita Royce in "Dance of the Doves" were found at the awesome and generous Prelinger Archives (now part of the Library of Congress) found on the Internet Archive,

You can also view To My Love on my interactive gothic fiction site

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