Vimeo once again ruined the quality...

This is my project for a Blip-vert project at University. We were required to choose a music band and produce 5 short promos to promote and represent the songs from one of the albums.

I have chosen Skillet band and one of my fave - "Awake" album.

The order I actually created them in was:
1) Monster
2) Never Surrender
3) Sometimes
4) Hero
5) It's not me It's you

The order they are played in:
1) Hero
2) Monster
3) It's not me it's you
4) Sometimes
5) Never Surrender

The main idea was to try and illustrate everything through real life paintings. Skillet songs are strongly based on human nature both positives and negatives and are meant to motivate and explore human mind. I though it would be appropriate to create something hand made to show the closeness.

I decided to keep the style simple, so viewer would not get distracted by details and would focus on what is important.

I was short on time so some blipverts are worse than others but over all I'm happy.

At first I took animated persona approach but it took too long to draw and doesn't fully fit with the style so gradually it turned into a grey character who is supposed to be identity less so anyone could relate to it.

I wish I could improve some things but over all I'm very happy with the outcome.

I'm not the best artist but I believe that what makes this work is simplicity or my art style. So basically I have used my minuses and turned them into pluses.

Hope you'll like it!

Done in After Effect

P.S. If something, you might be able to see it of better quality here:

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