2012 -2013
Creating Surgery was a way for me to attempt to come to terms with the disappointment, and the failure to be seen as trans and the slowness of change in regards to how others use language to speak or "not speak" about my existence. Michael Fried in his essay, “Art and Objecthood” (1967) mandates that "Theatrical art is, in his words, corrupt, perverted, incurable, infectious, and degenerate." The previous words are synonymous with the language that has been used to speak about my existence as a trans person and trans people. They refuse our physical existence, because they are uncomfortable with our genitalia or what might be under our clothes. I am seeking to validate the potential idea of queering theatricality, in life as well as my artistic practice.

“No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.” ~ Artaud

Point number five from the Non-Trans/Cisgender Privilege Checklist
5.) Strangers and acquaintances do not ask what my genitals look like or what medical procedures I have had.
Surgery, is an ongoing collaborative video project. Artists / videos appearing left to right: Sarah Hill, Creighton Baxter, Bug Davidson, and more to come.

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