This is a direct comparison between a standard Helios 44-2 and two Flare Factory 58's. All settings were kept the same. Same ISO, WB, profile, shutter, aperture. Shot 1 was graded a little and then these adjustments were pasted onto the rest of the clips. Lighting was a simple 3 point arrangement with two of the lights shown in shot. The lights used were Ikea Jansjo LED desk lamps.

Shot 1: Standard Helios
Shot 2: Flare Factory 58r
Shot 3: Flare Factory 58g
Shot 4: Flare Factory 58r

The best indication of the difference between the standard Helios 44 and the Flare Factory 58 is at the point where the camera catches the light behind the models back. Note the prominence of the red and green tinted flare being activated when a bright light source is in shot, And the lack of colour cast during non flaring situations.

Download the higher bitrate file to see the flares at their best. The gradations are quite demanding on the limited bitrate vimeo compression.
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