Here is a quick teaser for a television show pilot that we shot for Tobias McGriff. We shot the first episode in one night, and had to quickly get it to some people who were interested, (so yes I know the music is just from the FCP soundtrack, but we needed it five minutes ago if you know what I mean). We have worked with Mr. McGriff a lot in the past, including all the Photography and Book Trailer for his book, "Savannah Shadows", which was released this past summer. Like all the projects with Mr. McGriff, they are a blast to work on. The book I was lucky enough to collaborate with Rebecca Lysen (an amazing graphic designer), she has done a ton of work but just to give you an idea.. she did the design for the Book & Play "Wicked" and she has done design work for huge companies such as GM, John Deere, Dos Equis Beer, & Jameson Whiskey just to name a couple.

Thanks for viewing,

-Beau Kester
Round 1 Productions

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