“You You You You,” Fall 2012

TRT: 1:01

Sypnosis: Quasi rotoscoped. Looks at selfhood and its articulation through portraiture.

Director's statement: This project the culmination of a three-year project, an in-progress culminating.
I left college suddenly my junior year of college. Much of my subsequent eight months or so traveling, working, and teaching were dominated by an overwhelming need to understand myself, to know what I’d be thinking when alone. To grapple with this, I started a one question interview project asking others who they were. In hindsight I realized the irony of defining myself against the responses of others—yet perhaps becoming able to not think about it through the multiplicity of replies was the answer in itself. Now, near graduating, one thing I think I can definitely say is that I draw and film.

Technical specs: 1280 x 720, 24fps, HD, Sound

Director/Cinematographer/Animator/Editor: Sarah Kim

Cast in order of appearance: Elliana Bisgaard-Church, Karim Sariahmed, William Duncan

Special Credits: Zein Nakhoda, Soomin Kim, Fernando Maldonado

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