'Remember Kryal Castle?'

Last year, Director Ben Steel got in touch with us seeking our collaboration in producing a TV commercial for the reopening and rebranding of the iconic Kryal Castle in Ballarat, Victoria.

Ben's cinematic concept of epic proportions gave us the chance to flex our multi-skilled muscle, and provided the perfect challenge for us to develop and create our most ambitious project yet.

We worked together from pre-production planning through to a 2 day shoot, then finally rebuilding the fantasy world that is the new Kryal Castle in post production afterwards. One of the client's main goals was to create a TVC that looked like a film trailer and captured the wonder and magic of medieval fantasy. To help us achieve this, we opted to shoot with RED Epic (though sadly not in stereoscopic 48fps) and prime lenses.

As with all projects, it wasn't without its challenges. At the time of the shoot, Kryal Castle was still undergoing extensive renovations leading up to its grand opening, inviting some practical ingenuity from the art department and leaving a great big wooden drawbridge open for our VFX team to have some fun.

Being involved in the project from start to finish allowed us to make some very important decisions to get the most out of the post production process - whether it was planning a shot for effective motion tracking, coming up with lighting solutions that work seamlessly with visual effects, or knowing just how far to dress a set before we let the digital magic take care of the rest.

Kryal Castle opens to the public March 2nd, 2013.

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