This ident was a huge challenge - with fire and smoke evolving into a fluid via piping particles through FumeFX, passing these particles to Realflow and back before meshing with Frost. Vorticity, velocity and luminance was used to mix the fire/smoke with the turbulanct fluid mesh shader.
The internal swirling texture of the fluid/varnish was another challenge - done by mixing multiple fluid emitters together and transfering their position to the vextex channel of the Frost mesh.


Client: Box TV
Creative Director: Nicholas Bentley , Marco Ammannati
Exec Producer: Matthew Wolfe

Music/Sound Design: Zelig

Analog Team
Producer: Mike Turoff
3D: MattChandler, Arvid Niklasson
Fluids & Simulation: Matt Chandler
Compositing: Fabio Zaveti, Matt Chandler

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