"Steve Brown used to hate on "technical 5A" because he is a cranky curmudgeon and thinks 5A should be more like juggling ;) I'm not that into juggling. But I really don't blame him because that "style" of technical 5A got out of hand for awhile there (see my video "Tosscore", a tech 5A classic, but a little over the top).

Tech 5A to me basically means the focus of the trick is more on counterweight movement than yo-yo movement. This can be good or bad. Traditionally, an ideal 5A trick or combo should have both the yo-yo and counterweight moving at the same time as much as possible. In this trick there is a lot of complex dice movement, but the yo-yo is mostly sitting there. In comparison to tricks of legends such as Rafael Matsunaga, Miguel Correa, and of course Steve, this is probably quite boring and not very visually entertaining; but it hadn't been done, and someone had to do it so I did. I am proud of it and consider it worth learning, if only for the dice stalls, which I am quite proud of and know have more possibilities to explore. The ending "dismount" where the counterweight pulls the slack into the yo-yo is now a fairly classic 5A move that I have seen several variations of, I am not sure if it's entirely original." - Jake

Song is "Friday Night" by Spider Bags.

Yoyo used is the Kuntosh by Anti-Yo


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