This is an experiment to convert a play on words into a visual amusement.
There are several meaning on word '먹다Muck-Da' it means 'eat' in korea. but it has a lot of different meaning when it works as stem supplement. I think it's similar to the use case of this English word 'eat' also.
for example, 'eat somebody up', 'eat into something', 'eat at', 'eat humble pie', 'eat your word'. etc. 'eat' makes a different meaning in each sentence.

In this way, A korean word '먹다Muck-Da' is also used in a variety of ways.

for example, 
나이먹다 eat age(grow old) / 마음먹다 eat heart (decide something) / 욕을 먹다 eat swear words (be blamed)/ 일을 말아먹다 eat my work with water(spoil sb's plans)/ 등골 뺴먹다 eat someone's backbones (squeeze sb dry) / 바지 먹다 eat pants(pants are too tight)/ and so on
there are a lot of multiple uses of 'Muck-Da'. it looks so ridiculous for foreigners who aren't used to korean idionatic words.
but korean think they are natural. so I think it will be fun if I express something about 'muck-da' in a direct way (like forigners sight)
that was a first step of this project.
These idiomatic expressions on eating will be the visual animation which is represented as a joke. i gave tis project new name "visual joke".
And actual meaning of word will be added to each clip.
with this, I will make people think about historical and social meaning of words which is not considered as usual.

for example, 등골빼먹다 'eat someone's backbones(squeeze sb dry)' can look grotesque on direct way. but it contains social meaning to decribe how parents have a hard time to feed their children.
'The visual joke' literally means a joke to others.
so it should be easy to understand and be fun.
it is new way to express a play on words visually. with this, I will try to widen the boundaries of joke.
By showing unfamiliar uses of idioms, make people think again about the meaning of these.
so there is a list of each clip.

1. 꿀밤을 먹다.
Eat a chestnut.

meaning: be given a clout with knuckles.

2. 꿩먹고 알먹다.

If you would eat a pheasant, you could also eat its eggs.

meaning: To kill two birds with one stone.

3.둘이먹다가 하나죽어도 모른다.

When two people eat food together, one can't catch the other's death.

meaning:It's drop-dead delicious.

4.가는 귀 먹다.
Eat a ear that is going to somewhere.
meaning: be a little deaf

5. 한방먹다.
Eat some one's punch.

meaning: have got a knockdown.

6. 말을 먹다.
Eat a horse.
meaing: ignore someone's words
*In korea, horse has a same pronunciation with words

7.술이 술을 먹다.
at the end, alcohol drink alcohol.
meaning; Drinking too much alcohol, Lose control.

8.여자를 먹다.

Eat a woman.
meaning: rape[violate] a woman

9.국수를 먹다.
Eat noodles.
meaning: have the wedding
*In korea, treat a guest with noodles at their wedding.

10.한솥밥 먹다.
Eat rice out of a same pot.

meaning: live under the same roof

11. 나이먹다.

Eat age.

meaning: getting old.

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