Nothing Implied (2006)

Performance Instructions:

Each players part compromises 6 groups of text, taken from various UK newspapers on 4 days during August 2006 (the period traditionally known as the ‘silly season’). the stories were chosen for their lurid, harrowing or humorous content. Alongside the text is a diagrammatic score, indicating the length of the 6 sections of the piece, punctuated by silence, and some instructions to the players for the selection of their pitch material.

The total range of each instrument is divided into three registers: ‘low’, ‘medium’ and high. Within each register the players are free to choose any pitches according to the number specified in the score for each section of the piece (e.g. violin I in section one chooses any five pitches in the high register. Viola in section two chooses any six pitches from all registers, etc). the players may if they prefer fix the pitches during rehearsal and blank staves are included in the performance material for this purpose.

The chosen pitches are then used to ‘chant’ the texts for each section, in a free speech rhythm. Only single notes are to be chosen i.e. no double stops. Each performer is then to invest their (purely instrumental) chanting with as much or as little theatricality as they wish. However, the dynamics of the piece will never rise above a general level of p possible, owing to the use of practise mutes.

Within each section, each player is free to choose as many or as few of the texts as they wish, and to determine the order in which they are performed.

Stopwatches are used to coordinate the start of the sections, but the players do not necessarily have to start playing immediately. They may wait, but for no longer than 5” at the start of each section.

At the end of each section, the players should simply finish the sentence that they are chanting, and wait for the start of the next section. Players should not deliberately aim to finish a sentence within the allotted time.

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