One thing that I love about Selfless is how much we’ve grown into a family over the past year. From our humble beginnings as a blog in 2008 to our first Selfless event almost two years ago, our family (both internally and as a community) has slowly grown to where we stand today. As I look back, it still amazes me how many people stand behind giving for no other reason than to do purely good works. And as people whose eyes are open to Selflessness, it’s really changed the way that we think, approach and talk about philanthropy. It’s a pure feeling I can’t say I’ve ever experienced before and I thank every one of you for opening your hearts and minds to our mission. And as we turn the page on another year of Selfless, we wanted to open our hearts to you with a very special event.

To quote Joe’s father from the video, “it always starts with family.” And more than teaching him what family should be, he was an inspiration for Joe to change before it was too late. To that end, Joe’s dad is still here – living through his words of inspiration and his mantra of family. Positivity. Motivation. And that’s what this event is all about.

So whether you’re blood, a spouse, a friend or a stranger, we invite you to join us for an uplifting, inspirational workout that only The Sweatshop can deliver. And come knowing you’re part of the Selfless family…striving to honor our past, preserve our present and set an example for our future.


WHERE: THE SWEATSHOP | 368 Lexington Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

WHEN: MARCH 16, 2013; 8-12pm | 8:00 am – First Class | 9:15 am – Second Class

WHAT: BOOTCAMP CLASS | To honor our past, preserve our present and set an example for our future

WHO: SWEATSHOP MEMBERS + SELFLESS (30 MAX) | If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP to

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