Swamp is a generative animation / kinetic painting about the detritus of contemporary culture that is
notorious for its capacity to generate immense amounts of physical/mental/cultural junk.
Hence I imagined a wet junkyard, a cesspool, a swamp in which all the residues of contemporary living
were thrashed (well, almost like Bhosphorus that I once crossed by swimming ) .
In this dynamic , chaotic techno-capitalist primordial ooze , (probably through abiogenesis) new life
forms emerge. These new organisms , new species are mutants, whose bodies are the playground of the
next step in evolution : species of confusion. Possessing both artificial and natural systems , part
animal, part machine, of no fixed gender, half microbe half human these creatures definitely do not
belong to the garden of eden.
Swamp simply takes a glance at the origins of these species.

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