Awarded The 3rd Prize in HEINEKEN 60+ Challange 2013
This is my short story about an attitude and spirit of a man at age 60+.
The whole story is based in Warsaw, Poland but it could be anywhere.
The idea started with small talks with my father. He is twice older than me, and I tried to explore what people of his age think about their life, future, friendship, time-passing. He said then, joking as always:
"You know, I really don' t know how old I am, because it changes every year."
And that's the point! Serenity! And no matter how many birthdays you've already celebrated ;-)

Directed by: Dominika Podczaska
Cinematography & Editing: Dominika Podczaska
Starring: Mietek Podczaski

Miki Tchórzewski
Filip Tchórzewski
Stanisław Dybiec
Ela Jackowska
Waldek Krepski
Wojciech Kostrzewa
Piotr Partyka
Grazyna Podczaska
Malgorzata Podczaska
Helena Podczaska
Antek Podczaski
Marcel Podczaski
Piotr Podczaski
Ryszard Podczaski
Henryk Podczaski
Mirosław Sołgała

Translated by: Ala Gałandzij
Music by: Tim Gerland, Paul Motram

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