Birds in a slingshot...Centuries of technological achievement and human ingenuity miraculously squashed into a single tiny handheld device, and you're using it to launch birds...from a pigs.

*exasperated sigh*

Come on. You can do better. It's time to unlock more.

It's time to take that marvellous little piece of technology in your pocket and harness it to make your life easier, to help you make sure that you never miss out on the stuff you love.

It's time to get Socialite.

Socialite helps you manage the fun stuff in your life, whether it's music, film, gaming, sport, or TV, equipping you with your own personally curated stream to highlight everything that's happening, and everything that you can look forward to.

You just let it know what sort of things you're into and how much you're into them, and Socialite puts together a steady flow of events and updates to organize your social life and keep you informed.

So say you're a football fan. Browse through the Interest Catalogue to subscribe to the teams you love, and Socialite will automatically send relevant information about those teams to your stream, giving you handy, any-time access to all the things you were meaning to remember but undoubtedly would've forgotten.

And it's the same with bands, movies, games, and TV shows. Whenever something's on, so are you, because Socialite's got it sorted.

So stop wasting time wandering around the Internet for the stuff you care about. Socialite's there to help you find what you need, when you need it, without taking up a moment of your, um, desperately busy life.

It's smarter than a calendar and cheaper than a personal assistant. So get sorted. Get Socialite.

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