I was set a brief to represent 'Unconditional Love' within a short 30 second film. I wanted to take a different approach to the idea and base it on how people have this type of love with an obsession/fascination with fire.
Fire is such a danger and can have severe consequences, not only to themselves, but the people around them. I wanted to create a powerful meaning behind this which resulted in me using the idea of a single match being lit at the start and burning out at the end, due to devastation that can be caused only takes one match. As the match is burning out, so is the colour and the sound which represents the fact that it can take life away as well as destroying anything it touches.
Finishing the film is an image of a small matchbox which is shaped as a coffin creating the link between the matches which are used in this obsession/fascination and the consequences it can have.
Finally the decision of using a young child's voice was creating the visual of a child playing with this match and singing the nursery rhyme 'how I wonder what you are' due to their fascination of fire and being intrigued, yet not knowing the consequences it can have.

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