Temporay neighborhoods - by Ulrike Kutz and Franziska Krause

The subway is a place of fleeting moments, different cultures, religions and ways of life, in short, a collection of infinitely many, at times intertwined existences.
Based on the topic "neighborhood", the film shows the special mood, rhythm and atmosphere of these unusual temporary neighborhoods.

This short film was created on the topic "Neighborhoods" in the framework of the cooperation between the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design Dessau, andthe New York University, Digital Media.

Supervised by Prof. Angela Zumpe (Dessau)
Supported by Prof. Rochus Hartmann (Dessau) and Prof. Mechthild Schmidt (NYC)

Idea & Realisation: Franziska Krause & Ulrike Kutz & Daniel Radley
Music: Starlicker : Set 2&3

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