Another challenging transition effect was the concept behind this evolving ident logo - turning water into foil balloons.
Fluids were simulated sloshing around the interior of letters and changing to a more foil like shader via velocity and also visocosity. The more viscous areas of the fluid were created with state changes/containers inside Realflow - whislt still having to interact with the balloon geometry slowing inflating within the letter shapes - these created with Maya ncloth.
Krakatoa PRT loaders and the KCM tree allowed me to isolate certain areas and channels of the particles and transfer them and the balloon geo to Frost for meshing/surfacing.
Displacements for folds/creases were masked in via the viscosity channel and both the particles and underlying cloth/balloon simulation scene was surfaced wth frost so the water and foil shaders could blend seamlessly together as the balloon objects evolve and appear to emerge from the viscous water.
The logo shot at the end was all ncloth for the subtle movments.
I also rendered velocity and vorticity passes of the particles with krakatoa for white water and foam within the water.


Client: Box TV
Creative Director: Nicholas Bentley , Marco Ammannati
Exec Producer: Matthew Wolfe

Music/Sound Design: Zelig

Analog Team
Producer: Mike Turoff
3D: MattChandler, Arvid Niklasson
Fluids & Simulation: Matt Chandler
Compositing: Fabio Zaveti, Matt Chandler

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