Design by : Adrien Guérin - | Ensci-les Ateliers graduate project 2010

This project was initially aimed at conducting research into controlling complexity. Adrien Guérin placed his work under the banner of digital photography because, unlike with silver film, this "new world" offers countless unexplored possibilities for enhancing the user experience.

Instructions for use
This simplified digital camera makes it easier to access photography. To start with, it is particularly user-friendly as you no longer have to understand the mechanism of the unit and its impact on the image to take great photos since the aesthetic components of the photo are shown on textured adjustment rings.

The photos are organised by means of a personal interface (send to my computer, to Facebook, by email, etc.), making it possible to share photos in real time while preventing them from building up in number.

Finally, via augmented reality, a social network service reveals the existing photographic flows around you in order to enhance your experience thanks to that of more advanced users.


★ Observer Design Prize 2012

• Will be present at the exhibition "Tomorrow is today # 4"! at the International Design Biennial in Saint-Etienne on 13 March to 5 June 2013.

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