LlamaLAN XV: Llamatopia took place April 15th - 17th 2011, a LAN featuring almost 40 players in South East England. LlamaLAN's big team games contribute to an ongoing power struggle between the four big teams of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green, and what happens next depends entirely on the outcome.

After the collapse of the LlamaDome, any form of order had been blown sky high! Yellow team, having wrested control from Green Team, established Llamatopia, a new society without such troublesome things such as freedom of thought. Any dissenters were exiled to the wastelands. Is Yellow Team's dystopic vision the new future for Llamakind? Could the resistance, comprised of Red, Blue and Green, be strong enough to topple Llamatopian Command and free its people?

Mission 1 was a big Half Life 2 Tournament.

Sound effects from freesound.org, Half Life 2
Voice acting (L-Man, Exile General): Gabriel Wolf

Music by Scene:
:: Rise and Shine: HL2 OST: Echoes of a Resonance Cascade, HL2 OST: Shadows Fore and Aft
:: Missing Briefing 1: Celldweller: Solaris

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