The founders of ID Comms, David Indo and Tom Denford introduce the company.

ID Comms is an media management company with offices in London and Singapore. We help brands improve the effectiveness of their investments in media and communications.

We are experts at Media Agency Pitches, Agency Remuneration and Media Management.

The world's first value-based media consulting company.

ID Comms is a leading provider of first-class media expertise, consulting and resources to brands. We are not an auditor or accountancy firm, which means we have the freedom to consider the value of communications not just the price. This is important in a commoditised media market where the greatest opportunity is to improve media performance rather than further reduce media cost.

We believe media investment can work much harder.

Having best practice in media management gives our clients a competitive advantage in marketing; making every dollar invested work a little harder puts more resources at your disposal to drive growth. We call this approach Productive Media Governance, having good practice in media management tools and techniques which improve the productivity of your media budgets and therefore your marketing performance.

We obsess about value.

The best measure of media performance should consider the value of media not just the price paid. At ID Comms we help brands do both; reduce the costs of their media buying and significantly improve the value delivered. We can do this because because we understand that agencies are the arbiters of media

Productive Media Governance

At ID Comms, we believe that advertisers should invest in the specialist resources required to fully protect and enhance the value of their media investment.

Media is an important component in the marketing mix, yet is growing ever more complex. Managing large media budgets requires specialist skills, up-to-date practices and robust, accountable processes to ensure the full value of the media budget is achieved.

That's why ID Comms clients allocate a small proportion of their budgets each year to get the reassurance that their media spends are working as hard as possible to grow their business.

Investing 1% of your media budgets in the specialist media resources required to effectively manage your media investments will transform the value of the remaining 99%, which can have the same effect as doubling your media budgets.

We call this Productive Media Governance and it is the common thread through everything we do:

Making our clients' investments in media work harder.

We've developed a simple suite of techniques and processes which allow our clients to maximise the productivity of their investments in media.

Media Productivity Audit - what you're doing, what's working and what needs attention

Pitch Management - identifying the perfect agency partner for your media needs

Agency Management - how to get the best out of your external agencies

Media Management - best practice processes for strategic media management

Performance Management - evaluating media success and holding agencies to account

Strategy Consulting - strategies, structures and KPIs for brilliant media performance

“ID Comms is a challenger to the traditional methods of price-driven media management; we put strategy and innovation at the heart of our business in order to improve the productivity of yours. ”

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