Just press play, sit back, relax and go back to the future!

Stonehenge - One of the key monuments of human civilization. As long as man can remember it has been a ruin - a mystery, an enigma, which many great minds of the world have tried to decipher.
The architecture of Stonehenge has an ideal shape and architecture, like the abstract paintings of russian avant garde artists.
In my work I tried to investigate this shape, dividing it into elements and adding different colors to it using video effects. In modern day with all the high tech and ideal digital picture quality, scratches,grain or images as seen on an old tube television set are already considered archaic.
I thought of visualizing how the mysterious image of Stonehenge exists in today's virtual world, in the new reality of mass media. As an old and forgotten ancient language to which modern man can not relate.
It appears and disappears again, as a signal send from somewhere. A video image, a television picture - this is the coded numeric code, a message interrupted by tv noise, in such a way, it is impossible to read.

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