Documentation of a collaborative project with my very good friend and colleague Jon McCormack.

We made this piece for exhibition at Artspace, Sydney in 1997. The work involved emptying the gallery space of visual elements, and filling it again with sounds arising from interpretation of visitors movement in the space.

The sounds were of keyboard use and machines associated with computing, such as printers, faxes, hard drives, etc.

Two sets of hi-fidelity stereo speakers delivered a complex play of sound into the space, while the everyday sounds of traffic, building noise, phones and conversation in the gallery augmented the artists compositional efforts.

We purposefully left one window open to view the ordinary activities outside the gallery space - a streetscape and naval dockyard - and placed a single downlight at the epicenter of the soundscape. At certain times of day, sunlight bouncing from vehicles windscreens threw dramatic light-shadow play across the gallery walls.

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