Seremein, Garifuna for "thanks," is a cinematic compilation of various moments from a trip Obinna Oyenedum and I took to Honduras, Central America in the Winter of 2013.

To all who supported Garifuna Gifts of Affection and Laughter (G.O.A.L.) financially, we are truly appreciative.
Philip Oyenedum, Edward Apostol, Garrett South, VBS Healthcare, Ciampa Optometry, Rachel Stahl, Teresa Bernardez, Mobolaji Ojuri, Valerie Jameson, Roger Hoyle, Shehreyar Hussain, Kamili Kiongozi, Van Hawkins + family, Eric + Leslie McGuffie, Huisha Kiongozi, Deborah Campbell, Melissa Suazo, Edith Reyes- Velasquez, Sandy Gabon, Roque Bernardez, and all those who chose to give anonymously.

♬ – "The Sobering Truth" by Timothy Wynn
Special thanks to:
Timothy Wynn and One Hundred Beats for the background track

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