3-d line sculpture painted with color kinetic led light
this is the Guzmania flower- I photographed the flower inside Norhpark mall- then created a black line drawing and carved the image in my unique 3-d line medium- a form of low relief sculpture.
carved wood, white oil paint and phillips led lights
96 inches x 63 inches x 4 inches

artist statement:

I work in new style of low relief sculpture that I call 3-D Line sculpture. These lines of depth and shadow are basked in simple color. The outcome is the subtle marriage of simple lines and complex wavelengths of light.

The subjects/images of my sculpture are discovered through the viewfinder of my camera, using presence and instinct; struck either viscerally or spiritually—or often both. Capturing the subject in film, I reduce the image to a line drawing utilizing computer algorithms and free hand sketching. The line sketch is applied to flat surface planes which are carved out leaving only 3-d lines and negative space. Somewhere in this inspired and intricate process, an altogether new form emerges. Ultimately, the depth and complexity of the lines inform the exchange of shadow and light.

Guzmania is more abstract than figurative. Here I have taken the color fields of Rothko and mixed my vocabulary of Flavin and Turrell to paint the surface. The shadows are fixed at 4pm and so is the light frequency of the selected colors. This sculpture captures a moment in time, the shadows do not move but merely change color- showing more of an artist rendering than the natural progression of the sun.

The dance of light and shadows gives me a kind of acceptance with myself. Understanding that to live in the light I must also live with my shadows.

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