Everybody has their demons, their flaws, their vices.
Cuda Brownʼs past of drug abuse and substance addiction is never something he tried to hide from the general public. It wasnʼt necessarily presented as something he was proud of, but he always painted an honest, vulnerable, picture of himself, as another flawed character in a world filled with loss and pain. This is completely relatable, in a society that is lost and searching for answers they fear will never come.
At some point a page turned in Cudaʼs life and he decided to walk down a different path. He sought out help, and went to treatment. He stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol so these “comfort” vices wouldnʼt accidentally steer him back to the chemical drugs and back biting monkeys that plagued him for so many years. The song “Bath Times” is about Cudaʼs new beginning. A cleansing. A baptism. A new chapter in the life of a man trying to escape himself. Temptations are everywhere, and sometimes it seems like the old Cuda is not yet ready to die. This song signifies the official “break up” of this relationship with his old life, and a stoic celebration of this new perspective.
Bath Times by Indy Hip Hop Artist Cuda Brown
Directed by: Bradford Davis
Produced by: Keith Jackson
Shot by: Jacin Buchanan
Post: Bradford Davis
PA's; D. Jones, N. Gandy, M. Hendrix
Actresses: Taylor Surratt, Alicia Luma
Location thank you's to:
The coolest guy in the world, Cameron & and his wonderful wife Linda Daniels
the always scene supporting Jimmy McKinney
and Lowz at Soundscape Studios
A Bellicose, Purewater Films, Fugitive 9 Production

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