Real Stories Gallery Foundation 501c3

'I BELIEVE YOU" : SHOW ME YOUR LIFE. A safe house art program created by survivors for survivors.

SMASH STREET BOYS FESTIVAL: an arts initiative bringing greater awareness to our localities of sexualized violence directed at boys, the international sex trade in boys and the devastating physical, psychological and social consequences, including pediatric HIV/AIDS-defining infections and diseases.

Smash Street Boys/ Cinematheque Films/ Show Me Your Life (Real Stories Gallery Foundation 501c3) students, peer mentors and guides are allowed access to fair use art materials and mixed media in the teaching of iconic manipulation in photographic, video and film production. We have much to learn from these young people, as they stroll into our lives with their stories told so ingeniously with compassion and guts. It is not easy for anyone to speak of crimes against humanity's young in a public forum. **Please note: No children were harmed by guides, peer mentors or students during the creation of their art and storytelling program.

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