Wake-Up, before it is too late.

This version is 15s longer than the original one. to let the image breath as there is so many subtitles to read.

This short story (2mn15s) is born from the mix of an idea that tickled me since long ago and three exceptional documentaries that I discovered recently.
Every morning, I am using a toaster and I noticed that if I try to introduce anything other than toast or bread slices the "right size" according to Anglo-Saxon standards, it gets stuck and it burns.
Historically, European bread (we are talking about Europeans who prefer gastronomy than finance) is preserved in one piece to keep fresh longer, then cut by hand, on demand. The slices are never the same shape or the same thickness, which has its charm.
Before, there were toasters with vertical doors sustained by springs that accept all kinds of slices size and shape.
Over the last thirty years, all vertical toasters reproduce a design that meets the safety standards and habits of Anglo-Saxon’s customers.
According to their standards, baguettes, country bread, pita or anything else are no longer allowed in toaster.
Worldwide bread consumers, who are much more numerous and connoisseur than Anglo-Saxon’s consumers, have to comply with this US standards to be able to toast their bread.
Globalization (which can be translated into Americanization) is inviting itself to my table imposing a new recipe: stored in plastic bags pre-cut bread.
This sounds like the ending of variety of tastes or traditions, individual choice and a decline in my quality of life.
I think this story is symptomatic of the sin we are suffering in Europe. Under the repression of global finance, we are forced to transform our lives, to lose our identities, to trade of our cultural and gastronomic habits, and to dump our social and industrial network, for the great profit of speculators.
Humanity is lost and democracy is becoming an illusion. What does mean voting rights, if our political leaders have no power to regulate those who are pulling all the financial strings, responsible of crisis and always making huge profit from it?
We must wake up (and stand up) before it is too late.
And I am inviting you to watch these three exceptional documentaries that challenge many misconceptions spread by the mass-media that are no longer responding to their journalistic duty.
No, we do not have to feel responsible for the current economic downturn, we do not have to repay these intolerable debts and we should not lose our vision of what should be the world without these scavengers.
Franc Sanka

PS: film shot with a Nikon D800, Nikon lenses, Contax and Pentax 67.

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