Ọya: Something Happened on the Way to West Africa!
The journey of Queer Gender Non Conforming Nigerian Seyi Adebanjo connecting with Òrìṣà tradition and the powerful legacy of their great grandmother, Chief Moloran Ìyá Ọlọ́ya. This personal and political story vibrantly investigates the heritage of command, mythology, gender fluidity & the hidden truth behind the power of indigenous Yorùbá spirituality.

visual language/treatment of film.
Poetic meditation of womyn, gender fluidity and power constructs in Yorùbá spirituality. Aesthetics of poetry and storytelling in ỌYA: SOMETHING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO WEST AFRICA! push the boundaries of documentary filmmaking to explore the complex interplay of mythology, gender dynamism, history and psychology in contemporary Nigeria. it is utilizing ritual and performance against text/audio. there is a layering of images and audio, which resonates with the multiple truths/levels of the practice/culture.


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