The GANG Productions presents...The Official "Human Supply" Trailer. An Original Series.
Created by Adam Chambers and Kevin Cramer.

Everything has been flipped upside down and zombies high up in hierarchy rule the world. Humans are kept alive but as second-class citizens. They live in fear that one day their time will expire and they will be placed on the chopping block. The story follows an ensemble cast of humans and zombies attempting to make it in this new world...

Human Supply is new digital series that interacts with you!

Melissa Etheridge, Robert Mitchell, Ian Isaksson, Morgan Pelligrino, Trevor Stott, John Paul Marston, Craig Michael Beck, Troy Halverson, T.J. Garland, Teresa Mink, Stephanie Dennard, Jason Williams, Jeremy Bennett, Kenneth Israel and more.

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Edited by and Creative Design by Allen Hu.
Cinematography by and Color Grading by Sunny Lee.
Directed by Adam Chambers.
Music by Massive Attack - Angel. Used as inspiration, no copyright infringement intended. All rights go belong to the artist.

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