Barsaq for the Muslims is the Zombieland where sinners and saints go after they died, while Barça is the nickname of the best football team of the world.
"Barça or Barsaq" is the phrase used by Africans before they sail off with cayucos to a better future, meaning life or death. And Barsaq is the name of our documentary. The story I want to shoot could start like this: invisible people passing by with their blankets full of stuff on their backs, while big fat tourists eat melting ice creams in a summertime
afternoon in Europe. Unfortunately, that is not the story I want to shoot. The illegal peddlers Nomads of the film will not sell fake Gucci’s on the streets of Barcelona, neither will they tell the sorrows they experienced crossing sea and oceans in cayucos, sailing from Africa without passports and with fear within their skin. It's not my aim to blossom easy tears in the eyes of well-made spectators, with a cute vision towards illegal aliens, seeing them as “my poor little niggers.” My aim is to focus on how Mamadou Diagne, Khalifa, Aliou and Soly laugh of life and above all: how they laugh about the vision we have of them.
"I want to put on stage the theatrical play Barsaq because I’m tired that others speak through my mouth. It's time that we Africans street peddlers living in Barcelona tell a story that doesn’t appear in TV shows nor NGO’s statements. Telling how is life lived here, showing the before and after of the trip we made, one story with two faces: desire and oblivion, dream and lies, laughter and sadness. My dream is not to stage the play in Barcelona, but in every town in Senegal."

Mamadou Diagne

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