History is usually written by the winners. Not so the Civil war. This year is the 150th anniversary of the United States Colored Troops. But the history of them has almost been erased.

The South is filled with monuments over a Southern commander, a slave trader, that went on to lead Ku Klux Klan. But very few celebrate the former slaves, that played a key role in keeping the US.

”Too many in the South are refusing to accept that we lost the war. And that we should have lost.
I was born and raised here and I am taking back history from them”, says filmmaker Kent Moorhead. ”No more kids should be raised with a ”Gone-with-the-wind-view, of our history”.

Rather die free, looks deeper into two battles in Mississippi, between a slave trader and former slaves. And it takes a bigger look at the black men and women, who risked all, to be free.

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