Our second Sunday in Lent looks at how the experience of the fear, the most basic of human emotions, brings us closer to our God and protector. For this week's message, "Seeing Through Fear," Senior Pastor Deb Phelps draws from the writings about human fear and courage as shown in Psalm 27, as well as the God-like response of Jesus, recorded in Luke 13:34-35 as he longs to comfort God's people as a mother hen comforts her chicks.
Fear can take many forms, as can responses to it. Today we observe the second Sunday of special offering to the organization Week of Compassion, which allows us to participate in being there, providing comfort and assistance when disaster strikes around the world.

Our short worship together, 30 minutes includes prayer, scripture, singing, and listening to the word together with people in times and places all around the world.
As we do every week, our time together includes a time of communion (breaking of the bread) where you may choose to participate, or simply meditate as we tell of Jesus' invitation to "do this in remembrance of me."
If you would like to share with us at the table that defies all boundaries of time, place, and structure, then we ask that you prepare a wafer, cracker, or bread and a drink. As we pray, we are praying that our blessing extends to where you are. If you are unable to eat or drink, you may want to use a symbolic gesture or mental symbol as you come together at this table of remembrance with us. (Scroll down for an Order of Worship)

We hope that as you join us for worship you will feel a blessing from beige part. Please tell friends, family, and others you know about our online church that is here with doors that are always open, walls as wide as the world, and always room at the table.

If you would like to chat with one of our pastors, including talking more about becoming a Christian or following Christ, please email us at pastor@disciplesnet.org, or contact us using the contact information on our website, including our community, DisciplesNet City Cafe, found on our website.

Invitation to Giving:
If you would like to give to Week of Compassion, you can do so by going to their website, weekofcompassion.org, or by sending the secure donation through DisciplesNet, which will forward that gift.

We also extend the invitation for you to be part of the DisciplesNet ministry by giving an offering, or regular tithe. We are sustained and extending our nets now because of the generous gifts of people around the world. These gifts, like the mustard seed, are already growing in amazing ways.
We have a giving page on our website, disciplesnet.org. Our physical address for donations is:
DisciplesNet Church
PO Box 17935
Indianapolis, IN 46217

And emailing address is: giving@disciplesnet.org

God bless you, and thank you for joining us!

Video editing by Deb Phelps, Russ Smith, Susan McNeely, Joy Torrence.

DisciplesNet Church has a WorshipCast License with Christian Copyright Solutions which allow us permission to provide for you the musical arrangements found here on this site.

1. Opening background music and hymn: "My Hope is Built, from Favorite Hymns and Prayers, Chalice Press.
2. Song: "My Hope is Built," Chalice Hymnal #537, sung by Southport Christian Church
3. Scripture: Psalm 27 (NRSV), read by Susan McNeely
4. Pastor's Prayer with Lord's Prayer, Anita Cobb
5. Hymn: Because He Lives, CH#562, sung by DisciplesNet singers
6. Scripture: Luke 13:34-35 (NRSV) read by Russ Smith
7. Message: "Seeing Through Fear," Deb Phelps
8. Hymn, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" CH#628, sung by Twana Harris and Phoebe Spier
9. Moment of Sharing: Bill Johnson
10. Communion: Rev. Bob Shaw
11. "Eat This Bread,"CH #414, Sung by DisciplesNet singers
12. Sending out, Deb Phelps

" Scared is scared" video vimeo.com/58659769

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