Nature spirits are all around us. If you know how to look you can see them. This is the second of my "Nature Spirits revealed" videos. I made it in the late winter going into early spring of 2012. Most of the images were created using photographs from nature, pictures I took of the clouds, trees, waterfall, ice formations, the river. and of fire I discovered that if I took a picture, reversed it, and placed it over the first image, all kinds of forms are revealed. By using other visual techniques of altering colors, and so on certain things can be emphasized and brought out. Also combinations of different images lead to other levels of storytelling by images. I did also use Some images from space and stars, they have been altered quite a bit as well.
Some of the fire images came from the fire behind the glass in my woodstove. Others came from the sacred fire, the Agnihotra fire. they are different in character than the normal fire. they have a softness and a special energy to them.
Ths music is my own, it is my singing bowls and harps, I play multiple open tuned zithers and autoharps. I usually have three to five harps going at one time on the table along with the singing bowls. Other music seems boring to me now, the multi level multidimensional sounds of the cascading harmonics of my instruments fills my soul and my mind with infinite beauty. when I was young I played guitar and studied theory and chords with an older man who had learned it from the old jazz musicians in New Orleans in the 1920's. I was deeply immersed in all the variations of sounds, and experimented and improvised on my guitar for hours on end. All of this is in the background now, and it is the foundation of the music I am presently creating.
When I made crystal Fire Magic I assembled a group of images to work with and developed them further as I created. But the music came first, and the visuals were arranged around that. a visual story emerged in the process.

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