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About a year ago, I have created the personalized Cosmic Sigil Pendant. A personalized astrological talisman customized to your own birth chart and crafted at a selected time to enhance the special qualities for you. Very recently I came up with another version for a similar talisman; instead of using the four elements and all the planets, the new pendant will include the Sun, Moon and your dominant planet.

The idea is that you will send us the day and hour of birth and our astrologer Michael Ofek will create a map for you. After that Michael will search for the right cosmic time in which the Sun, Moon and the dominant planet are in the best place to ideally benefit you.

In order to understand the unique meaning of this jewel, one must first understand what is a Talisman. The word Talisman originates from the greek word 'telein' which means 'to complete.' A Talisman comes to compliment a person by strengthening his weak points. In ancient times the creators of Talismans were priests, magicians or the once who had esoteric knowledge and the knowledge of astronomy in their communities. The magician took the person's date, time and place of birth as accurate as possible and prepared a birth chart for the talisman, then he would analyze the chart to find the exact time that the configuration of the planets is in it's most balancing, empowering and strengthening state in correlation with the birth chart.The Talisman was assembled (and magically consecrate it) at that exact point in time, In this celestial window of opportunities that stresses the full potential and helps resolving difficult combinations.
How does it work?

When ordering the Talisman you have to send us your hour and date of birth (preferably place of birth too). Our astrologer, Michael Ofek will prepare your birth chart and analyze it to find the right time in which the planet state is optimal for you. The pendant will be made at that particular selected time. The pendant will include the Sun, the Moon and one selected planet all at an optimal place according to your birth chart.

This is a very unique, one of a kind individualised Talisman that can't be found anywhere else...

In most parts of the Western world in this modern age, this magical procedure is almost extinct, you do not have a Magus to turn to and ask for a completely individualized Talisman, as in ancient times. This Talisman, is our way to recreate this almost lost art, and open this possibility again in our times. The individualized Talismans where considered sacred power tools, mostly used by people of royal families of high stature who could afford them (and also knew their time of birth, which was not a common thing) so this is my own way of creating this unique talisman for you in our time.

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