Yerba Buena started with a small community of friends working with each other to share photos, art, zines, and music. The rose t-shirt is a product of this team and sparked an idea much larger than a t-shirt. Our focus is to show whoever we can how well a community of people can work together to bring out the best of neighboring peers. Inspired by the love and family that is San Francisco, we want to expand and share this idea with whoever we can reach.

With the entrepreneur spirit of San Francisco Bay Area we are committed to be a company that is known for it's good hearted nature. We value what community has taught us and are influenced by company's such as Homeboy Industries, who have built a company from selling t-shirts made by formerly gang-involved men and women, Yerba Buena values the importance of helping others through clothing.

Our career started with an event making it possible for kids to be able to experience the freedom of skateboarding even if they didn't have the money to afford the expensive gear. Book & Job Gallery was so kind to let us use their space for the night and to hold a very successful event that brought together skaters, the large skateboard industry, and art lovers to raise over 60 skateboard decks and countless wheels, trucks, and shoes.

It starts with a baseball t-shirt on your back but it represents a commitment to a team working to make a difference and change in community. Clothing is the avenue we have chosen because of its relevancy in everyday life. We choose to represent ourselves with what we wear, let's represent something genuine. The goal is to produce jobs, host community events, and to inspire others to do the same.

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