Trains travel to and from a fixed point in space beneath a variable coloured horizon.

This film was processed at Niagara Custom Lab in Toronto. Post-production was completed at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Telecine was done at Frame Discreet. Thanks to Karl Reinsalu, Gareth Jasper, Sebastjan Henrickson, and Lianna Hillerup.

Manor Road is distributed in North America by the Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre ( and in Europe by Light Cone (

09/07/14 - Star and Shadow Cinema, Battlefield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
01/07/14 - Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, UK
05/03/14 - FAWN Opera, Synesthesia III, Brockton Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
04/03/14 - Lo & Behold Gallery, London, England
01/14/14 - Open City Cinema, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
11/14/13 - Milton Keynes Gallery, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
09/17/13 - Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
07/20/13 - Latitude Festival, Suffolk, United Kingdom
01/26/13 - Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC
09/14/12 - LightCone Scratch Expanded/Preview Show, Paris, France
05/30/10 - “The Loop Collective,” Factory Media Arts Centre, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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